You can't get a slice here

Arte Cafe: The south side of West 73rd Street west of Columbus Avenue

Bettola: Between West 80th Street and West 79th Street on the west side of Amersterdam Avenue

Cafe Fiorello: Between West 64th Street and West 63rd Street on the east side of Broadway

Celeste: Between West 85th Street and West 84th Street on the West side of Amersterdam Avenue

Coppola's: On the south side of West 79th Street between Broadway and Amersterdam Avenue

Dean's: The north side of West 85th Street between Broadway and Amsterdamn Avenue

Fairway Cafe: Between West 75th Street and West 74th Street on the west side of Broadway

Pappardella: The southwest corner of West 75th Street and Columbus Avenue

Patsy's Pizzeria: The north side of West 74th Street just east of Columbus Avenue

Rigoletto Pizza & Pasta: Between West 70th Street and West 69th Street on the west side of Columbus Avenue

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